Although it has been a few weeks since our investigation at a Hamburg home we are still in the process of evaluating all our material and evidence. Continue Reading »


Sunday September 28th WNYPRG continued its investigation of one of Western New York’s most prestigious restaurant/hotels. Our last time here resulted in several EVP’s, pictures of orbs, strange noises, unexplained flashes, feelings of dread and possible shadows caught on film. Continue Reading »

Last night our group did a home investigation in Hamburg. It was a difficult investigation because of the bad weather. It was very hard to distinguish the various sounds in the house due to the high winds outside. Never-the-less we did the invesigation and the pre-investigation report is as follows: Continue Reading »

The following is the report filed with the prestigious hotel we investigated. All names of employee’s and the hotel was removed for privacy reasons. the hotel was given their report several weeks ago and we are cleared to post this much by the management. Enjoy! Continue Reading »

This past Sunday four of our investigators went to a cemetery in Kenmore to try and get some EVP’s for this site. It has been widely reported that this particular cemetery is known for paranormal activity. As I was doing EMF sweeps I stumbled across an area that had a huge ten milligause spike on my trifield emf meter. I located the specific area it was confined to and found two head stones buried about 4 inches beneath the soil. Continue Reading »

Can You See a Face?

The following picture was taken at my house just before the clearing ceremony. Can you find what looks like a face on the wall? We were all sitting around waiting for the remaining crew members to show up for the clearing. Just before this picture was taken the light fixture was pulled from my ceiling. Continue Reading »

Is it Gone?

We had our house cleansing on Saturday night and I was wondering if you guys think the ghost is out? Let me tell you what happened.

At about 7pm the group members started showing up. Our member who was going to lead us in the cleansing was late and we waited patiently for her to arrive. While we were sitting in the living room waiting,  we all heard a loud crash in the kitchen. It sounded like a screech and then a clunk. It was fairly quick and we all turned around and went into the kitchen to see what happened. Continue Reading »